Builder Cleaning

Builders cleaning is often described as the removal of dust and debris that are generated from the work being carried out on site. It is often completed in preparation for a sparkle clean. It is important to keep the site clean during the construction phase, the benefits of our builders clean service are:

  • The hygiene of workers on site – by reducing dust particle content in the air and to ensure that hazards are not allowed to develop from the debris lying around.
  • Another benefit of a builders cleaning service on site is the ability to assess the real quality of the construction. When a new construction or refurbishment is covered in dust and debris from site activity it can difficult for the contractors and site managers to ensure that all work is being completed to the right standards.
  • The third benefit is that progressive cleaning is more efficient from the cleaner’s perspective because accessing tight spaces are easier when outer fittings have not been laid. This will also help to ensure dirt does not gets covered up behind outer panels and fittings.
  • Steam and Dry Cleaning Techniques

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